The building consists of two functional units: residential business. The building is angular and designed in the form of letter L, therefore this design concept is subordinated to the functional aspect. Administrative section is located on five floors in the part of the building that is oriented to Milutin Milanković Street.

The residential part of the building is mainly oriented to the side road and inner courtyard. Above the seventh floor, apartments are located over the business part of the building in the form of withdrawn floors.

The ground floor of the building is designed as a sales area thus divided into six (6) outlets accessible either from the main or lateral road. The underground floors of the building are designed as a parking space and technical areas.

Name: Square 43

Type of object: Business – residential building

Client: Bauwelt doo i Zap doo Beograd

Year: 2018.

Location: Bulevard Milutina Milankovića 1k i 1j, New Belgrade, Serbia

Gross area: 14.100 m2

Floors: -2 + GF + 8 + RF

Authors team: Zap doo Belgrade

Scope of work: SD, UD, DD, CD

Status: Realised