Complex Lastavice
The residential and business complex “Lastavice” is located in Novi Beograd block 58 in the zone of mixed city centers. The complex consists of two corner buildings, designed in the form of the Latin letter L, as two independent units. The number of floors of the complex is -3+GF+9+RF, and with this approach, it builds on the urban parameters of the surrounding existing buildings in the immediate vicinity (Sakura Park and Belleville complex. Vertically, the buildings are also divided into two functional units: business (business apartments) and residential (apartments).
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Complex „Green Heart“
The “Green Heart” business complex is located in a series of plots along Milutin Milanković Boulevard, where many modern business, commercial, and service buildings have been built in the last decade. In addition to the reconstruction of two existing buildings, the project supplemented the capacity of the plot with the construction of three new buildings and an underground garage.
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Square 43
At the beginning of 2019, ZAP, in cooperation with the company Bauwelt, entered into the investment of the Square 43 facility. The facility has nine above-ground and two underground floors and a total area of nearly 14.000 m2.
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Conceptually, the base of the business building ”X” is designed to respond to adjacent buildings and create the ideal base size, optimal sun conditions, and office space flexibility. We introduced moderate curvature with a zigzag curtain wall which gave the building a unique and recognizable character and provide the possibility for the terrace in the inner courtyards while at the same time, the protection from the sun was increased.
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Dom Sindikata Hall – “MTS auditorium’’
Dom Sindikata (lit. Trade Union Hall), known as the MTS Hall, is a building on Belgrade’s Nikola Pašić Square. The building was built in 1957 according to the project of architect Branko Petričić. Various events of cultural importance for the city and the country are held in the Dom Sindikata Hall. In addition to its great cultural and artistic importance, the Hall is also used for holding various festivals, congresses, and conferences. In April 2013, the Government of Serbia declared the entire building of Dom Sindikata a monument of culture in Belgrade. In 2017, work on the reconstruction project began.
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