Completed 100%

At the beginning of 2019, ZAP doo in cooperation with company Bauwelt entered the investment of the Square 43 building in New Belgrade. Certainly one of the most attractive locations in the 1k Milutin Milanković Street will ensure top quality of life and business for future residants and tenants, and to ZAP doo office a chance to design and realize new solutions, the apply new techniques of construction and use latest nowadays materials.

The 14.000 square meter, 9 floors building with 9 beautiful terraces and functional disposition represenst the crown of our professional work.

The investment of the Square 43 project is monitored by AIK Bank ad.


Square 43 is located in one of the most attractive locations of New Belgrade – 1k Milutin Milanković Street which has become a administrative axis of New Belgrade in recent years. Overlooking such a important street, building is well connected with all the rest of the city’s central zones through excellent transportation infrastructure network which enables quick and easy accessibility.

The surrounding environment is full of contents of various purposes and thus favors the new Square 43 building business and residential function. The proximity of the Sava River and the connection with the Belgrade Fair over the Ada Bridge as well as a short distance away from the largest congress center in Belgrade – Sava Center, positioned Square 43 in the ideal site location for everithing. In the near vicinity, there is a modern hospital MediGroup (400 m), Holiday Inn hotel (1,5 km), Shopping center Ušće (1,5 km), biggest Belgrade sport and concert arena – Kombank Arena. From the strict center of Belgrade, Square 43 is only four kilometers away, which means no more than ten minutes.


The building consists of two functional units: residential business. The building is angular and designed in the form of letter L, therefore this design concept is subordinated to the functional aspect. Administrative section is located on five floors in the part of the building that is oriented to 1k Milutin Milanković Street. The residential part of the building is mainly oriented to the side road and inner courtyard. Above the seventh floor, apartments are located over the business part of the building in the form of withdrawn floors. The ground floor of the building is designed as a sales area thus divided into six (6) outlets accessible either from the main or lateral road. The underground floors of the building are designed as a parking space and technical areas. Special care is dedicated to the selection of materialization in the design and construction of this building, and looking from that point of view, the Square 43 building has gone one step further using the highest quality materials in Europe and the world, and especially in our region.

We would like to inform you that our architectural office ZAP Ltd is moving to a new location. Due to the need to expand the office space, the idea arose to move the entire office to the Square 43 building, which was also designed by ZAP. The new premises of the ZAP office will be located on the 8th floor of the Square 43 building, a new residential and commercial building currently under construction, in 1k Milutina Milankovic Street in New Belgrade. See you soon in a new setting!